1. How to rental?
    Please follow the rental steps as shown below.

   1. Select the country you are planning to travel
   2. Select the product you’d like to reserve
   3. Select the desired quantity, rental period, delivery and payment method
   4. Click checkout in order to complete the reservation

How to make payment?
    Customers are able to settle payment online by way of PayPal, that is actually Visa or Master Card accepted payment gateway.
    In addition, you mayalso make payment directly in our shops by cash or credit card, or do bank transfer to

Hang Seng Bank

Account name: UC Exchange Company Limited

Account number: 364-320564-001


   Please settle the payment and send the payment slip to us in order to secure your reservation. ​Service will not be proceed unless payment is confirmed.

Email payment@pocketwifi.com.hk / Fax 3007 8172 / Whatapps 9222 9775 payment slip to us.

When should you make an order?
 Normally, you should make order 4 days (96 hours) prior to your departure/started date of your travel. Please make earliest booking as possible to ensure the item available.
 However, in case of making urgent booking, please contact us.

4. How do I find the user guide for my portable WiFi router?
    A User's Guide is enclosed with . If you have any queries, please contact at our hotline: (+852) 2165 4760 or Email toinfo@pocketwifi.com.hk

5. How to pick up and return?
   In order to facilitate the different customers, four pick up and return options can be selected.

1. Pick Up From Store: self pick up and return from store.
2. Delivery: Courier / Return: Store Return: Courier delivery and store return.
3. Delivery: Pickup from Store / Return: Courier Return: self pick up and return by courier.
4. Delivery & Return: Courier: Delivery and return by courier. 

   Please note that the refund of deposit will be taken 7-10 business days. Our representative will make direct deposit to your bank account or
   refund directly to your paypal account. Remarkably, no cash refund will be available.

6. How can I extend the rental period?
   If you wish to extend the rental period, you might contact us for extension. But if you delay in returning the devise, it will automatically serve as service extension.

   And, penalty charges will be imposed for the additional dates.

   These charges for extra days will be deducted from the deposit.

7. What should I do if my Pocket WiFi router is not working, lost or being stolen?
   Please contact our customer/technical support for assistance immediately. 

   If you have any queries, please contact at our hotline: (+852) 2165 4760 or Email to info@pocketwifi.com.hk