About Us

Pocketwifi.com.hk strives to provide you a comfortable and the most convenient services to put you stay online always. Let’s enjoy our services through our internet booking system!!

8 advantages to use Pocketwifi:

1. Allow you to get online everwhere
You can enjoy mobile broadband service with Pocketwifi’s Service in your selected travel destination. You are able to receive email, surfing the web, stay connected with clients, friends and family 24 hours.

2. Mobile Broadband
Pocketwifi provides unlimited data service to some of the travel hotspots. Either 3G or 4G mobile broadband services allow you to receive email, surfing the web, using skype voip call. Also, it allows you to search popular restaurants and tourist attractions by way of Google Map, etc.

3. Secured network
Rocketwifi uses WPA2 security to encrypt most of the Wi-Fi connections. This keeps you safe while you surf and prevents others from stealing your information.

4. Money Saving
Unlimited data service started in $30 per day. By selecting our services, you are worry-free for the cost of internet fee or face high cost of roaming data. Ably connect more than one mobile devise, with one flat rate.

5. Convenience, Efficiency and Reliable
Isn’t it easy to get wifi connection while you are travelling? Searching the wifi hotspot in an unfamiliar place? Unstable connection? Pay to unfamiliar wifi service provider? Don’t waste your time and simply get wifi service from us! With our pocket wifi services, you can enjoy high speed internet services all the way your trip until boarding. Worry free to return the equipment after your trip without bothersome of finding the shop in unfamiliar place.

6. Easy booking and return
It is easy to rent mobile broadband devise in Pocketwifi.com.hk. Simply place your order through online booking system and arrange the delivery matters, return the devise as instructed and get refund of down payment. 

7. Support different devises
Pocketwifi.com.hk’s mobile broadband devise is compatible with all smartphone, tablet pc or i-pad.​

8. Reasonable charges
Indubitably, pocketwifi.com.hk’s service charge is reasonable and affordable. Service charge is started at $30. Remarkably, it is only $3 per day by sharing $30 with 10 friends!

For more details for online booking, please read rental step. Should you have more queries, please contact us at (+852) 2165 4760 or email us info@pocketwifi.com.hk